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Construction Products

With 48,000 employees in 69 countries, the Construction Products Sector designs and develops innovative solutions to improve the quality of our living and working spaces. It offers a unique portfolio of products and services that contributes to sustainable drinking water supply networks and thermal, acoustic and esthetic comfort to create ergonomic and sustainable habitats.

The Construction Products Sector's highly regarded brands and extensive geographic footprint make it a market leader for habitat solutions. The diversity of its five distinct Activities (Gypsum, Insulation, Industrial Mortars, Pipe and Exterior Products) means that the Sector is able to meet all needs of the construction market: acoustic and thermal insulation, external wall facing, roofing, interior and exterior fittings, and pipes. A key feature of the Sector's offer is to propose cross-Activity synergies to provide customers with innovative and highly efficient solutions.

Research and innovation are central to the Sector's strategy. Its products are manufactured and marketed with respect for sustainability, integrating an eco-design approach.

The Sector's ambition is to be the reference in sustainable Habitats and drinking water supply solutions.

The Construction Products Sector's 5 Activities

- Pipe: n°1 worldwide in ductile cast iron pipe systems
- Gypsum: n°1 worldwide in plasterboard and plaster products
- Insulation: n°1 worldwide in insulation
- Industrial Mortars: n°1 worldwide in industrial mortars
- Exterior Products: n°2 in the United States in siding

Key figures

- 48,000 employees
- Industrial presence in 57 countries
- Commercial presence in 69 countries
- Over 400 industrial sites
- 2012 sales of almost 12 billion euros (€ 12b)
- 32 Research & Development centers in 23 countries filing an average of one patent per week for the past five years.