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Discover Flat Glass

Discover the Flat Glass Activity of Saint-Gobain in video


Fire-protection glass

Toit en verre SGG VETROFLAMM pour une voie rapide

Guaranteeing the safety of goods and people is the core activity of Vetrotech Saint-Gobain. Its strength lies in its ability to offer comprehensive solutions which combine multifunction versatility and the aesthetic appeal of modern architecture.

Electrochrome glass

Le verre électrochrome de Saint-Gobain SekuritElectrochrome glass is one of the best examples of these “glasses of the future”. In just a few seconds, it becomes either completely transparent or darkens in order to protect from the sun or to give a more subdued light.

Automotive glazing

Automotive glazing

As a result of their significant investments in Research and Development, Saint-Gobain Sekurit is recognised as one of the technology leaders in automotive glazing.  Constantly innovating in this field, its indisputably cutting edge product range is continuously diversifying in order to meet increasingly specific requirements.