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Accessible documents

These documents are designed to be accessible to the blind and the partially sighted. The PDF files may be read by speech synthesizer.

Presentation of Saint-Gobain - 2013 version - PDF (3 MB)

Sustainable Development Report - 2013 version - PDF (7 MB)


Presentation of Saint-Gobain - 2012 version - PDF (3 MB)

Sustainable Development Report - 2012 version - PDF (3 MB)


The film


Consulting an "accessible" document"

PDF documents are read by a speech synthesizer, the most currently used being the software Jaws. To listen to an accessible PDF, it is necessary to:

* 1 - Install a speech synthesizer like Jaws (available in demo version);
* 2 - Open the PDF document with Acrobat Reader 5.x (or more) which looks after the "screen reader" function;
* 3 - Launch the speech synthesizer and listen to the PDF document;
* 4 - To navigate between pages, use the Acrobat navigation arrows or the keyboard shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+N.

Producing an "accessible" document"

PDF accessibility draws its inspiration from W3C/WAI international guidelines under the reference WCAG 1.0. The document has been accurately prepared to be read by speech synthesizer software. This preparation and adaptation work was done by the agency Ipedis, an e-accessibility consulting firm.

Ipedis Web site