Nowadays, we all expect a company to have a constructive impact on the life of the community around it.

A company anchored in the territories

Saint-Gobain's choice is to act as closely as possible to its markets to foster the creation of local and sustainable value. Wherever we operate, we take into account the environmental, social and societal issues of local communities to create a growth model shared by all.

With a localized impact all over the world

We deploy our innovation capacity to offer a portfolio of products and solutions developed locally, and therefore adapted to the needs of local markets. We establish management teams that come from the country of operations.

Through our activity, we contribute to boosting the employment areas of the regions we operate in and the employment areas of suppliers (through direct jobs, indirect jobs and induced jobs). Through our actions, we are working on reducing the gap between skilled and unskilled workers in the manufacturing and construction sectors.

In each country where we operate, we forge partnerships with SMEs for technical support and know-how transfers by group employees. We work in favour of development networks and local structures and participate in programmes for the professional integration of young people marginalized from employment.

Among these partnerships are:>

  • The South African Y.E.S programs to combat youth unemployment
  • Youthbuild USA NGO in the United States

For the poorest populations, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa, Brazil, Central America and India, we develop sustainable housing solutions that meet cost price and energy efficiency requirements for an improved quality of life with controlled cost.

Finally, we are contributing to societal challenges through philanthropy and patronage, through the Saint-Gobain corporate foundation, local actions, local foundations and artistic, educational and general interest sponsorship.

HOME : in a more supportive and fairer world.



Key Figures

  • For every 1 job directly created by the Group, more than 3 indirect jobs and 1 induced job are generated.
  • In 2020, Saint-Gobain Foundation's endowment was €2 million invested in projects

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