Activ’Air® technology

Activ’Air® technology, the result of Saint-Gobain research, makes ambient air healthier by eliminating 70% of the formaldehyde concentration. . It is available in plaster, plasterboard and ceiling tiles in Saint-Gobain Gyproc.

Innovative technology improves indoor air quality 

What is Activ’Air® technology? 

Activ’Air® captures 70% of formaldehyde  and transforms them into an inert compound. Incorporated  during the manufacturing process, it remains active for the average life span of a building, at least 50 years. Its performance continues even after multiple renovations.

This technology uses a specific component that has no effect on the environment, health or product’s recyclability.

A wide range of solutions 

Activ’Air® provides a response to a market expectation for improved indoor air quality, expressed by both professionals and consumers. 

Its solutions are suitable for all types of structures and all applications: ceilings, plasterboard, partitions and plaster. 

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