Skyline 2050

Discover the future with our new Skyline 2050 web series, a future where Saint-Gobain has achieved Carbon Neutrality! Find the innovations and solutions of the collaborators who made it possible to reach this goal by watching the episodes here.

Saint-Gobain celebrates the Global Recycling Day!

Thanks to our #RecyclingHeroes​ (our teams!), we reduce the use of natural resources in our solutions and promote the collection and recycling of waste.  Find out how we develop the #circulareconomy​ on a daily basis.

Ideas competition

How do we reduce our businesses’ environmental impact? This is the question raised by the Abrasives and Composite Systems BU and put to its employees. In response, they came up with 375 ideas some of which have already been put into practice.

Saint-Gobain roadmap towards to carbon neutrality

Carbon neutrality has been at the heart of our commitments for many years and lives on today through our Net Zero Carbon campaign. This commitment is closely linked to our desire to provide our customers with solutions that help them reduce their environmental impact. Discover the actions we are taking to achieve this goal.

Investing in recycling

Saint-Gobain Distribution Bâtiment France has just invested in Solution Recyclage Bâtiment (SRB), which offers an innovative building waste sorting and collection service to construction sites.

Calculators to the ready

In Finland, the Saint-Gobain teams are assessing the environmental impact of certain products. A crucial step towards reducing the carbon footprint of our buildings.

Saint-Gobain, a player in sustainable construction

Find out how the Saint-Gobain Group is responding to the challenges of climate change and the depletion of resources, while contributing to the health and well-being of occupants. From acoustic insulation to modular construction, from recycling demolition waste to reducing carbon emissions, take a look at what we are doing today for tomorrow!