And there was light


Saint-Gobain in Hungary has launched weberNEON, a new colorful range of renders that glow in the dark. This innovation, based on the principle of luminescence, allows unprecedented customization of buildings.

The result of 7 years of research, weberNEON is a revolution in the construction industry, patented by the start-up co-developing this innovation with Saint-Gobain. In accordance with the principle of luminescence, surfaces covered with weberNEON “charge up” on the energy coming from sunlight or artificial light and, once in the dark, release this absorbed energy, producing a glowing effect! This new color range is available on 3 current Weber products: 

•weberpas NEON: a glowing self-cleaning wet render for walls

•weberton NEON: a glowing acrylic façade paint for walls

•webercolor NEON: a glowing cementitious grout for walls and floors

These products can be used for outdoor and indoor applications, offering many decoration options such as phosphorescent façades or glowing bathrooms. Need some more inspiration?

Have a look at this video.