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Our more than 160,000 employees worldwide have helped make the Group a financial success. Thanks to their hard work, in 2021 we generated €44.2 billion of revenue, €4.51 billion in operating income, €6.20 billion in EBITDA, €2.82 billion in recurring net income, €2.90 billion in free cash flow and €1.59 billion in capital expenditure.

Saint-Gobain also manufactures and distributes in 76 countries, and occupies a leading position in Europe or across the globe in all of its industries. 

(2021 Figures)

As an Internal Auditor, you will assist general management with designing the internal control procedure and coordinating its roll-out in cooperation with the international operational departments.

Your day-to-day responsibilities

Auditing and organizational consulting. 

You’ll prepare for the audit by collecting information, analyzing the current system, and defining objectives. 

Relying on innovative methods and tools, you’ll evaluate how well the Group manages risk and adheres to its rules, methods, and procedures. 

Finally, you’ll draft an audit report that highlights your recommendations and action plan, and monitor their implementation. 

Your tools

Your multidisciplinary skills. Over time, you’ll develop your familiarity with the Group and all of its departments, while cultivating a high degree of international visibility. As an incubator for high-potential employees, we offer opportunities to advance to operational or functional positions in your country and abroad.

Your profile and soft skills

Your critical mind and your ability to analyze and think broadly are your greatest qualities. Although you’ll largely be working independently, you will be in regular contact with a variety of different people. As such, you will need strong interpersonal skills.

Your professional expertise

You hold a master’s degree and have spent time at an auditing firm, where you developed your field experience. You’ve made frequent trips in your country and abroad, which has helped you maintain your English skills. 

As an Accountant, you are responsible for ensuring the conformity of the Group’s accounting practices and financial procedures.

Your day-to-day responsibilities

Financial accounting! 

You’ll make entries and carry out procedures to reconcile corporate accounts, monitor pending accounts, and prepare VAT reports, reports for other taxes, balance sheet records, dashboards, annual statutory accounts, and documents for local auditors.

In collaboration with the financial manager for the entity concerned, you’ll review the monthly closing of accounts and respond to any request for analysis or explanations regarding the corporate accounts. 

Your tools

Numbers, numbers, and more numbers. You’ll need to be proficient in using management and consolidation software, such as SAP or Magnitude. You’ll be poring through the numbers looking for the slightest error in the amounts. 

Your profile and soft skills

In addition to your ability to analyze and think broadly, you are also a good communicator. You’ll be working in a team and with the other departments to identify and implement opportunities for improving processes.

Your in-depth knowledge of accounting and tax regulations, budgetary processes, and IFRS will give you confidence that the environment you’re working in is secure and compliant with the law.

Your professional expertise

You must have a higher education degree, with a concentration in finance or accounting, as well as three to five years of experience in corporate accounting.

As a Business Controller, you will facilitate budget planning and monitoring at your business, and will conduct the necessary analyses to ensure that resources are used efficiently in order to improve operations.

Your day-to-day responsibilities

Management, analysis, and objectives!

You will track the monthly performance of all the various subsidiaries that fall under your brand/purview, help put together a budget and a business plan, and implement cross-functional projects to conduct internal control procedures and introduce new solutions. At the request of management, you will also be asked to conduct special analyses. 

Your tools

SAP, Magnitude, and Microstrategy, our analysis and decision-support tool.

Your profile and soft skills

This job is a stepping stone toward a career with the Saint-Gobain Group. It requires a strong interest in field work and business issues, as well as excellent interpersonal skills and a good ability to listen, adapt, and communicate. Proficiency in English will open up opportunities for working abroad.

Your professional expertise

You must have a degree from a business or engineering school, experience in corporate finance or auditing, and a level of discipline and organization appropriate to the job. These qualities will allow you to work on your own, and will provide you with the perspective and initiative you need.

As an Administrative and Financial Manager, you’ll help expand our business by offering support and consulting to all of the departments you advise. 

Your day-to-day responsibilities

Managing the entire financial base under your purview, along with administrative and financial systems and procedures.

You’ll handle budget accounting and finances, and will be responsible for managing purchasing, logistics, and general services. 

Additional duties will include internal control, but may also be cross-functional (e.g., setting up and optimizing administrative and financial processes).

Your tools

Excel, Access, SAP, and good communication. You’ll need to be proficient in the main aspects of project management, which will allow you to address strategic and operational challenges.

Your profile and soft skills

You are disciplined and have solid experience, ideally from a variety of work environments. You know how to motivate your team every day and convey your strategic vision with ease.

Your professional expertise

You must have training in finance or sales and at least three years of experience in management control or auditing in a high-level international and multicultural environment. 


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