batireprise, working together to recycle


SUEZ and POINT.P, a Saint-Gobain subsidiary, have joined forces to develop collection of site waste at 11 sales outlets and are creating a service called “batireprise".

In France, POINT.P, a general merchant distributing construction materials and building products, has joined forces with waste management company SUEZ to launch a new waste collection service called “batireprise.”

The aim is to increase building professionals’ awareness of waste sorting and recovery. How? Nothing could be simpler. The professional calls in at a sales outlet to describe the type of waste. Armed with this information, the employee assesses the quantity and quality of the waste and then tells the professional where to deposit the waste. The delivery docket is used to issue an invoice listing the waste traceability details, which is then handed to the customer. SUEZ then collects the waste and manages its recycling or recovery.

Currently, 11 sales outlets have multi-product waste drop-off facilities catering for 11 types of waste. This means they cover almost all types of site waste: timber, board, plastic film, metals, plaster, windows or packaging. 

POINT.P has once again demonstrated its commitment to the circular economy as the brand already has 76 waste drop-off facilities that collect more than 100,000 m3/year of waste.

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