Brødrene Dahl conquers a Danish fortress


After many years of heavy rain, Copenhagen’s Kastellet, the Danish capital’s iconic citadel, found itself at risk. Brødrene Dahl answered a public call for tenders to reinforce the building.

Brødrene Dahl conquers a Danish fortress

The Kastellet is a fortress built in the 17th century in Copenhagen, Denmark, to protect the north of the city. This star-shaped military fortification is now a public park much loved by Danes and tourists. However, increasingly very heavy rainfalls have caused considerable damage to its structure. This prompted the Danish Ministry of Defense to launch a call for tenders to reinforce the building and ensure its long-term future. 

 Brødrene Dahl, a member of the Saint-Gobain Group that specializes in plumbing, sanitation, heating, ventilation, and civil engineering, decided to submit a joint bid with Arkil (a Danish construction and engineering firm) to fortify the citadel. To avoid further flooding, Brødrene Dahl supplied pumping stations, rainwater retention basins, and roofing solutions for repairing structural breaches. 

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