Improved comfort from floor-to-ceiling

Saint-Gobain’s Multi Comfort approach combines great design and innovative building materials to maximize comfort in all types of buildings, from a rented apartment to a multi-story office block. 

And it’s not just for new build projects – by renovating to Multi Comfort standards, we can create great living places that are accessible to everyone.

For the home

As a homeowner, you can use Multi Comfort materials and systems to create spaces that work for you and the way you live.

If you're planning any kind of renovation or redecoration to an existing property, always consider what you can do to improve comfort at the same time – for example, by adding more insulation, incorporating sound-dampening materials in partition walls or flooring, or installing windows with higher thermal and acoustic efficiency.

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For businesses and institutions

Businesses gain a competitive advantage through the Multi Comfort approach. 

Many studies have shown that improving an employee's comfort impacts positively on their productivity, resulting in a real benefit for companies. 

To learn more about our Multi-Comfort approach applied to          commercial buildings (offices, hospitals, schools, hotels, etc.), visit our Multi Comfort hub ( ).






For architects and designers 

Visit our dedicated portal to learn more about Multi Comfort standards (








And don’t forget: Using Multi Comfort solutions can help to reduce operation and maintenance costs, while buildings constructed to Multi Comfort standards also have the potential to command better rental or sales prices.