Construction to last

Why sustainable construction is important for everyone?

Climate change, depletion of natural resources and accelerated urbanization driven by population growth... Our world is facing considerable challenges. Without a major contribution from the construction and industry sectors, it will be very difficult to meet them. These challenges are doubly important for Saint-Gobain: they offer huge growth potential, and give the Group the opportunity to make a difference by having a positive impact on the planet and on the lives of everyone. This is what our purpose, "Making the World a Better Home", is all about. It guides us, compels us and is a call to action.

Through our position as a leader and pacesetter and thanks to our materials and solutions, we can contribute to meeting these challenges facing our sector.  How can we do this? By accelerating building renovation and revolutionizing construction methods to make them faster, lighter and more resource-efficient.


The energy performance of our buildings, the quality of our air and the brightness of our interiors, the circular economy, the decarbonization of construction... Saint-Gobain's solutions and products address many issues. This serie of animated videos will help you to understand them in a few minutes!



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