Corporate Social Responsibility at the heart of our business model

The Group's chairman and CEO presents the strategic sustainability objectives to the board of directors who examine and approve them. 

At the end of 2013, upon the chairman and CEO's proposal, the board of directors decided that the question of Corporate Social Responsibility should be mandated to the Strategic board, renamed the Strategic and CSR board, effective as of February 19, 2014. The General Secretary is responsible for the CSR policy.

In 2014, the Group revised its CSR priorities in accordance with the development of its strategy and by involving internal stakeholders. From 2016, the CSR roadmaps on the following themes are being deployed:

The board of directors has approved the CSR dashboard containing eleven KPIs. 

These operational indicators illustrate our determination to:

Materialize our principles of conduct and action:

  • Manager training on the Principles of Conduct and Action
  • Compliance with international CSR reference frameworks

Protect the environment:

  • Reduction of CO2 emissions
  • Reduction of environmental events
  • Multi-comfort projects
  • Eco-innovation training

Contribute to local development:

  • Direct and indirect jobs
  • Share of local purchases

Foster professional fulfilment:

  • Diversity index (gender, nationality, experience)
  • Safety
  • Loyalty index (absenteeism, training, mobility, resignations)