A cultural rendez-vous for Bevego


The new cultural center in Falkenberg would not have been possible without Bevego's help. The Swedish company supplied a large quantity of materials for the building to cover its original façade.

A cultural rendez-vous for Bevego

A new cultural center signed by Fojab in the heart of Falkenberg, south-west Sweden, opened its doors on June 8. Created to develop the knowledge and creativity of the town’s inhabitants, it has a high school, a library, a concert hall and a tourist office. The façade of this cultural center is made of bricks but also of a large surface of metallic materials: 500m² of brass and 1,200m² of gold-colored aluminium were supplied by Bevego (specialist in steel, technical insulation and ventilation).

The latter also installed a drainage system painted in gold to fit perfectly into the color scheme of the facade. Another asset of the building is its environmental qualities. The green roof contributes to better air quality, while attracting pollinating insects. In addition, the building is partly powered by its own solar panels and almost 100% by renewable energy.

Why was Bevego chosen for this project? In the words of its customers "for the high quality of its products, the efficient delivery and its services!”

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