A glimpse at the busy everyday life of a Brazilian trade customer eager to grow his small business and to gain in professionalism.



Standing in a forest of skyscrapers and looking up, it is hard to find the sun. Here and there, in this gigantic city, afew hints of greenery emerged, a few trees. The streets surge with life and echo with the incessant roar of engines. Amidst all this, we spot João’s red pickup truck. After he clears  the passenger seat to make room, we are off to discover the fast- paced, workaday world of a Brazilian trade customer.

In São Paulo, the work days of a pedreiro are hot butnever alike. “People use us for all kinds of jobs. We do masonry, interior decoration as well as electrical work,” explains João. However, since pedreiros are not specialized trade customers, it’s impossible to ensure good performance on all worksites. 

“In Brazil,” he says, “pedreiros usually learn their trade on the job. They don’t always know very much about the products they Use. This can lead to project delays and, in many cases, faulty workmanship.” Many customers have lost trust these days and securing their loyalty is no easy matter.

Pedreiros usually learn their trade on the job.

João decided to tackle this problem head on. At the same time, he would take his small business to the next level. The solution was to take advantage of Saint-Gobain Weber’s Services, which include technical training sessions, product use demonstrations at points of sale as well as assistance with customer service and project management. “The catalogues are a big help, too,” observes João. “If I’m looking for the best adhesive for installing tiles – whether indoors in the kitchen or outdoors in the pool – that’s where I go for information.”

João also uses digital tools in everyday business. Keeping his smartphone close at hand, he is familiar with WhatsApp communities, Facebook pages and video tutorials. Staying connected helps him boost efficiency and save time at the worksite. Thanks to the information available to him, he can give his customer better and more details. “This week, I’m going to redo the façade of the house of a young couple. The fact that I know the products well and can answer their questions inspires trust,” adds João.

Thrilled with these everyday efficiency gains, João is now on the list of Saint-Gobain-trained workers posted on “The platform offers me greater visibility, helps customers find me more easily and reassures them. In only two years, I’ve nearly doubled my sales.” Business is booming for João, who has shared the good news with his fellow pedreiros, quick to perceive the benefits of Saint-Gobain training.




In the Netherlands, the Leanworks logistics solution schedules the delivery of materials on site and waste collection in a single round trip. In Spain, the heat transmission calculator used by façade installers instantly recommends the most appropriate Weber insulation solution for the local climate. In Germany, Marketing Plus helps craftsmen promote themselves by personalizing their website and advertising materials.In France, worksite configurators, energy efficiency simulators and sales management softwares are helping make contractors more efficient.Worldwide, the My Solar Gard® mobile app, enables glass film professionals to manage their orders and installation projects remotely 24/7.
POINT.P’s Génération Artisans program brings together French renovation specialists in a community of excellence to share best practices, the latest innovations, the best management tools and other exclusive advantages. The Build Aviator suite of services boosts the performance of home builders in Britain and the acquisition of Scotframe Limited, the leading manufacturer of prefabricated timber-frame home kits, has brought Saint-Gobain closer to small contractors specializing in this market, in line with its overall sustainable habitat strategy.
Face-to-face and e-learning, technical and topic-specific, Saint-Gobain training courses have been adapted to local professions and markets. For example, in Cameroon, with the promotion of thermo-acoustic insulation solutions for tropical environments, and in Zambia, with a certificate course in drywall and ceiling system installation. Meanwhile, the development of spaces offering training and demonstrations of the added value provided by Saint-Gobain is gaining momentum, with the creation of educational showrooms from London to Copenhagen and from Brazil toIndia and Kenya. In 2017, several tens of thousands of visitors, architects, artisans and investors gained first-hand knowledge of the Group’s services and solutions for improving all types of comfort.


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