A design cradle that filters out electromagnetic waves

A design cradle that filters out electromagnetic waves

Argo is a cradle developed to insulate babies against electromagnetic waves. It is comprised of three components: a “hull,” a “stern” and a “sail.” Each timber component is coated with a fine copper mesh applied on the wood. Once the cradle is closed using the “sail”, which allows the air to pass through, it is this copper mesh that filters out the electromagnetic waves (Wi-Fi, GSM, etc.) and provides soft light inside the cradle. This technological and scientific feat could not have been achieved without the contribution of our Coating Solutions business (Ceramics BU), which applied its expertise in the field of thermal spray deposition processes to this artisan artistic project.

The result of close cooperation between cabinetmakers Ludwig & Dominique and designers Noir Vif, Argo is a laboratory object that opens up new prospects for contemporary cabinetmaking because of its design and the new techniques it explores.

A reassuring and protective object, its name and shape echo the mythological ship in which Jason and the Argonauts sailed under the protection of the goddess Athena.

Photo Credit: © Jacques Pepion
Argo | exceptional cradle of birth | atelier d’ébénisterie d’art Ludwig & Dominique - studio de design Noir Vif