Ecolux™ 70, low-emissivity film from Saint-Gobain

Solar Gard® innovates in the area of solar control with its very latest generation of low-e film for building windows. Ecolux™ 70 improves building occupant comfort and saves energy.

Solar control innovation improves comfort

Energy savings guaranteed year-round 

With its innovative dual-action technology combining a low-e coating and its unique solar control properties, Ecolux™ 70 ensures indoor comfort in all seasons. Installed on windows, it helps significantly reduce both summer and winter energy consumption. Lower heating bills guaranteed! 

In winter, it retains heat and reflects it back into the room. Lower heating bills guaranteed! In summer, it reflects the solar heat that strikes windows, which means lower energy consumption for air conditioning.

The performance of Solar Gard solar control films 

  • Energy savings: by reducing heat transfer and slowing ultraviolet and infra-red rays, Solar Gard films reduce energy consumption
  • Visual comfort: the films reduce glare
  • Solar protection: Solar Gard films stop more than 99 percent of harmful ultraviolet rays. As a result of this property, the films have gained the endorsement of the American Skin Cancer Foundation. The films also reduce furniture and furnishing fading indoors
  • Aesthetics: the films can be tinted and made more or less opaque to protect privacy.