Energy renovation: Saint-Gobain drives bio-sourced insulation


Isonat, a French expert in wood fiber insulation, will double its production capacity of bio-sourced insulation by 2023. This investment will enable it to meet growing demand, create jobs and further entrench its presence in the local economy.

A Saint-Gobain subsidiary, Isonat is making every effort to meet the growing market demand for bio-materials, and is committed to supplying its customers with quality products for their insulation work.

This initiative dovetails with the French government’s recovery plan, including the energy renovation of buildings. After investing €1.5 million in 2021 and a further €3.5 million by 2023, the Mably (France) wood fiber plant will see its output increased from 19,000 metric tons of insulation panels in 2021 to 42,000 metric tons by 2023. The aim is to insulate more than 16,000 homes each year. With this investment, Isonat will create between 30 and 40 direct jobs and further entrench its presence in the local economy with 100% French supply and production.

Additionally, Saint-Gobain is focusing on bio-materials with POINT.P’s new exclusive catalog of bio-sourced materials, which lists more than 1,500 products, and through the development of solutions such as Isonat’s wood fiber insulation or webertherm natura, a 100% bio-sourced expanded cork insulation material used for ETICS (external thermal insulation composite systems).

The Group is also helping trades professionals with courses leading to France’s RGE (Recognized Guaranteed for the Environment) certification. A roadshow organized with POINT.P is now travelling around France to present innovative solutions and bio-sourced products to professionals.

Read the press release (in French).