The Extraordinary Tower: the web-series that takes you behind the scenes of the Saint-Gobain Tower, from head to toe!

Discover the Saint-Gobain Tower as you've never seen it before, with our 5-episode web series: The Extraordinary Tower. Alongside our two exceptional guides, go behind the scenes of Saint-Gobain's new headquarters. Designed with more than 80 products, from top to bottom, embark on a guided tour that will lead you to meet our experts! 

From dream to reality

From idea to reality: Denis Valode, architect and designer of the Saint-Gobain Tower, shares the vision and inspiration behind his work. 

The Tower Head

This is one of the centerpieces of the Saint-Gobain Tower: what does the tower head look like from the inside? 

Acoustics and Insulation

A good working atmosphere does not only depend on colleagues... It also depends on good insulation. Our employees Pascal and Didier tell you all about thermal and acoustic comfort in this new episode. 

The Green Tower

Focus on the environment in the Saint-Gobain Tower. From recycling to green spaces, discover all the facets of the "eco-friendly" Tower.

The Collaborative Tower

The Saint-Gobain Tower is a place to work or relax, and encourages interaction between those who work there.  In this last episode, we focus on a Tower designed around the spirit of collaboration.