Group Compliance Program

The Group Compliance Program consists of four main components: responsible development, the Competition Law plan, internal audit and internal control and a compliance alerts system.

Responsible development 

One of the Responsible Development Department’s missions is to ensure that the Principles of Conduct and Action are distributed to all employees and that everyone understands them.
The Principles of Conduct and Action express the Group’s fundamental values, which all employees are expected to apply to be part of Saint-Gobain.

All executives and employees are personally responsible for applying the Principles of Conduct and Action on a daily basis and for complying with all rules issued by the Group, as well as with all laws and regulations.

Competition Law Plan

The objective of the Competition Law Plan, launched in 2007, is to ensure compliance with Competition Law.

Internal audit and internal control

Principles of Conduct and Action Day in Brazil

The internal control system is designed to ensure that units effectively manage their principle risks. 
It is also focused on ensuring that:

  • Units comply with laws and regulations.
  • Units apply the strategy and guidelines set by General Management.
  • Processes operate properly.
  • Financial information is reliable.
  • Property, plant and equipment and intangible assets are safeguarded.
  • Fraud is detected and eradicated.

Compliance alerts system

The Group’s compliance alerts system has been deployed in virtually all of its host countries, in line with local administrative constraints and legislation.

It provides a way to report serious violations of applicable laws, internal rules and procedures, or the Principles of Conduct and Action. All reports must be submitted in good faith.

Since it was deployed in 2009, the Group Compliance Program has been expanded to cover corruption and economic sanctions and embargos.

New policies have been issued for:

  • Gifts and invitations.
  • Conflicts of interest.

The Compliance Network

Each year, the Board of Directors of Compagnie de Saint-Gobain receives a detailed review on the Compliance Program’s deployment, which is carried out through a Compliance Network coordinated by the Corporate Secretary. The network encompasses 80 corporate and line executives.