Saint-Gobain's environmental vision is to ensure the sustainable development of its activities, while protecting the environment from the impacts of its processes and services over their whole life cycle.

Saint-Gobain has defined two priorities for managing raw materials and waste:
  • Generate minimum production residues.
  • Have a maximum amount of recycled content in its products.

Saint-Gobain involves all functions, sites and Group stakeholders in the key issues related to energy, air emissions and climate change.


In drafting a Water policy, Saint-Gobain reaffirms its determination to reduce as far as possible the quantitative and qualitative impact of its activities on water resource, both in terms of withdrawals and discharges.

Biodiversity represents for the Saint-Gobain group an environmental issue, included now in its environmental objectives.

Saint-Gobain works with the "EvE "(Environmental Event) standard for managing environmental events and feedback to help all its sites progress towards the objective of zero environmental accidents. Over time, the plan is to reduce the number of events having had or with the potential of having an environmental impact or not meeting environmental standards, regardless of the level of severity.