With a rich history stretching back 350 years, Saint-Gobain has based its development on a set of values that are expressed on a daily basis.

Our commitments 

Principles of Conduct and Action

A common set of fundamental values forged by 350 years of history unites all of Saint-Gobain’s employees. A requirement for belonging to the Group, the Principles of Conduct guide employees in their daily work. The Principles of Action guide the actions of all corporate leaders and employees in the performance of their duties.

International Principles of Conduct and Action Day.

Five Principles of Conduct:  

  1. Professional commitment
  2. Respect for others
  3. Integrity
  4. Loyalty
  5. Solidarity 

Four Principles of Action: 

  1. Respect for the law
  2. Caring for the environment
  3. Worker health and safety 
  4. Employee rights

International commitments

In 2003, Saint-Gobain joined the United Nations Global Compact in line with its Principles of Conduct and Action. Furthering its commitment to the Global Compact, Saint-Gobain subsequently endorsed the UN’s:

In 2008, on the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Group signed the declaration of management support for human rights, an initiative organized by the United Nations.

Find out more about The reasons for our commitments.

Setting the example

The Group’s businesses must be conducted in a way that reflects our values.

Pierre-André de Chalendar, Chairman and CEO

The Group expects exemplary conduct and practices from its teams, both in-house and outside the company. To ensure that the Principles of Conduct and Action and their related obligations are met, Saint-Gobain launched a Group Compliance Program for all its businesses in 2009. 

The Compliance Program includes four main components: 

  • Responsible development;,
  • The Competition Law plan;
  • Internal audit and internal control; 
  • A compliance alerts system. 

The program is carried out through a compliance network made up of 80 corporate and line executives and coordinated by the Corporate Secretary.

Find out more about our The reasons for our commitments.

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GABC - The Global Alliance for Building and Construction

From globalabc.org - Tue, 07/11/2017 - 09:11
GABC members acknowledge that the buildings and construction sector can contribute to achieving climate goals of limiting global warming to well-below 2°C.

Maurice Manceau : les innovations de Saint-Gobain en faveur du bien vieillir

From www.youtube.com - Tue, 02/05/2017 - 09:43

Maurice Manceau, Directeur général de Saint-Gobain Habitat présente les innovations de Saint Gobain en faveur du bien vieillir, et en particulier le concept Multiconfort sérénité, axé principalement sur le bien-être et la durabilité dans l’usage des biens occupés par les personnes d’âge avancé.

Une nouvelle tour pour Saint-Gobain dans le quartier de la Défense à Paris

From www.la-croix.com - Thu, 20/04/2017 - 09:20

L’immeuble de 165 mètres de haut à la Défense abritera le nouveau siège social du groupe. Il est présenté comme la vitrine du savoir faire du groupe.

Smart buildings are key to productivty, says Jade Lewis, Advocacy Director at Saint-Gobain

From smartcitiesworld.net - Wed, 19/04/2017 - 09:36
How smart methods of construction can boost productivity, reduce environmental impact, and benefit occupant wellbeing

Saint-Gobain, une tour cristalline au cœur de La Défense - Chantiers

From www.lemoniteur.fr - Wed, 19/04/2017 - 09:15

La pose de la première pierre de la Tour Saint-Gobain, le 19 avril, inscrit une nouvelle page dans l’histoire de La Défense. L’agence Valode & Pistre a imaginé un immeuble translucide, culminant à 165 m, semblant se jouer des lois de l’apesanteur. A sa livraison, mi-2019, il accueillera le siège social de Saint-Gobain.

Sheerfill®, The Name Behind the Landmarks

From www.youtube.com - Tue, 18/04/2017 - 10:19

SHEERFILL® Architectural Membranes from Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics have enabled the imagination and creation of the most stunning and energy-efficient sport facilities, transportation terminals and landmark buildings for more than forty years!

L'apport des surfaces vitrées en matière de confort des habitants

From batinfo.com - Fri, 07/04/2017 - 14:26
Le rôle de la lumière et des surfaces vitrées est bien pris en compte dans la réglementation française (RT 2012) et des projets de directive et de norme européennes qui pourraient le conforter.

Workplace Spotlight: Saint-Gobain’s Living Laboratory

From architizer.com - Fri, 07/04/2017 - 10:39
When one of the world’s leading building-product manufacturers sets out to build a state-of-the-art headquarters, it needn’t look further than its own portfolio of high-performance materials. And that’s just what Saint-Gobain did two years ago for its new North American headquarters in Malvern, Pennsylvania. But, convenience aside, the company’s use of its own products to build the new home was also an opportunity to put the products to the test.

5 Surprising Ways Buildings Can Improve Our Health

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The latest trends in green design go far beyond energy and water efficiency to improve our daily lives.

The Rise of Green Cities

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Green cities are on the rise. Find out why investing in sustainable property design is becoming so popular, and where these vertical forests are growing.

Edinburgh school benefits from Saint-Gobain solutions

From specificationonline.co.uk - Thu, 09/02/2017 - 08:39

With 22 brands operating overall in Scotland, seven of the businesses worked in close collaboration to support the school build; British Gypsum, Celotex, Frazer, International Timber, Ecophon, Jewson and Isover supplied a range of innovative products, from wall to floor solutions.

The solutions specified will provide key benefits, such as thermal efficiency and sound insulation to create a comfortable teaching environment for students, teachers and visitors.

Pas de bâtiments 2020 sans amélioration du confort, en premier lieu, thermique

From conseils.xpair.com - Tue, 24/01/2017 - 10:40
Nous avons vu que la demande devait être prise en compte, respectée car nous devons nous appuyer sur elle pour que la génération 2020 des bâtiments soit attendue avec « gourmandise ».
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