Official Supporter PARIS 2024

Saint-Gobain is joining the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games as “Official Supporter for renovation and sustainable construction solutions”.

PARIS 2024
We are happy and proud to be supporting the world’s leading sporting event, as an “Official Supporter” of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games!

We became involved because we share values with the Olympic movement, such as excellence, respect and solidarity, and also performance, commitment and surpassing oneself.

The 2024 event also aims to set an example in terms of diversity, inclusion and responsible commitment, with ambitious targets to halve the event’s carbon footprint compared with previous Games.

A goal that is naturally in line with our corporate purpose and the Group’s ambition to be the worldwide leader in light and sustainable construction.

Together, we’re going to experience a unique, magical and extremely unifying moment for all the Group's employees.

What practical contribution is  Saint-Gobain Group making to construction sites for Paris 2024?

Saint-Gobain, through its expertise in sustainable and lightweight construction, is participating in the construction of major structures for the Olympic Games.
With the aim of reducing transport-related CO2 emissions, the Group used inland waterways to deliver materials such as glass wool, plasterboard and mortars used in the construction of the buildings in the Olympic Village. 

All these buildings have been designed so that they can be reused after the Games, another point in common with our Group and its commitment to the circular economy.
To give another example, the 200 stained-glass windows installed at the top of the Signal Tower in the heart of the village were made at our glass plant in Duttlenheim, Alsace. 


Team Saint-Gobain
Press release

Team Saint-Gobain and its mentor Luc Abalo together for the Olympic year

Saint-Gobain présente son collectif de 7 athlètes olympiques et paralympiques parrainé par Luc Abalo, triple champion olympique de handball
Press release

Saint-Gobain presents its team of seven Olympic and Paralympic athletes, mentored by Luc Abalo, triple Olympic champion

PARIS 2024
Press release

Saint-Gobain becomes an “Official Supporter” of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games

EVENTS videos

This unique partnership is illustrated through these events videos. The constant quest for performance, responsibility and the thirst for victory: Saint-Gobain employees already display these fundamental values on a daily basis and support the Saint Gobain Team, a group of young French sport talents who have potential to win Olympic and Para-Olympic medals.

Saint-Gobain Official supporter of the Paris 2024 games

Team Saint-Gobain Paris 2024 Manifesto

Luc Abalo & La Team Saint-Gobain à la Maison du Handball

Saint-Gobain Foot 5 internal challenge

TALK #1 video - When sport inspires everyday life and makes it extra-ordinary!

TALK #2 - La construction durable au coeur de l'héritage olympique !

TALK #3 video - Move more, live better: sport, health and individual performance!

Inside Saint-Gobain Foot 5 Challenge - Marseille

Saint-Gobain Football 5 Challenge - PARIS

Vidéo TALK #4 - Fierté et passion - Ils préparent les Jeux !

Inside Foot 5 Challenge - Grande Finale du 16 mai

Saint-Gobain Skate Game


Episode 1

Discover how the Saint-Gobain teams commit to the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games as “Official Supporter for renovation and sustainable construction solutions”.

Episode 2

The future athletes' village for the Olympic and Paralympic Games Paris 2024 is built with numerous innovative and sustainable solutions from Saint-Gobain. Here's a glimpse of what our teams have already implemented on this site that will welcome the champions of tomorrow!

Episode 3

In this new episode: focus on our incredible "Team Saint-Gobain," made up of 7 talented athletes, coached by our inspiring mentor, Luc Abalo!

Episode 4

After a memorable warm-up over the last few months, the Saint-Gobain teams are ready to take on new challenges and get the ball rolling, in France and around the world, with the grand launch of their mixed football tournament, the Saint-Gobain Foot 5 Challenge.


In this episode, discover how Saint-Gobain teams are getting involved in the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games. From innovative solutions deployed at the Athletes' Village to Talks organized by Saint-Gobain highlighting the massive involvement of our Glass teams, and not forgetting the collective commitment of employees during the Saint-Gobain Foot 5 Challenge... The Group is proud to support the first global sporting event as an "Official Supporter".


In this episode, get some insights on how athletes from Team Saint-Gobain are preparing the Games and how they are feeling about it.


In this new episode of PARIS 2024 TOP STORIES, discover the five relay employees who will brilliantly uphold our motto “Aiming higher”! Members of the Group Executive Committee, accompanied by Luc Abalo and Julie Dufour, also took the expression literally, climbing to the very top of the Signal Tower during an exclusive tour of the athletes’ Village.


Saint-Gobain reaches for the stars thanks to soccer! Relive the Saint-Gobain Foot 5 Challenge Grand Final on 16 May in Paris.
Take a trip around the world, where Saint-Gobain employees were thrilled by soccer activities! Finally, back to Paris with the forthcoming installation at Paris-LaDéfense of the Saint-Gobain Skate Game printed in 3D by Weber Beamix! Opening on 18 July, stay tuned!