Building distribution

With more than 63,000 employees and more than 4,100 sales outlets in 23 countries, the Building Distribution Sector of Saint-Gobain has a solid network of generalist and specialist trading brands serving the renovation, new building and home improvement markets.

A Network of Brands and Experts 

Saint-Gobain Building Distribution is now Europe’s N°1 building materials merchant. Its aim is to be THE Reference of the building trade for its customers and its suppliers. To achieve this goal, it has established a network of strong and complementary, generalist or specialist, brands targeting trades people, private project owners, and small, medium and large companies. Understanding and listening to all its customers, be they trade professionals or private individuals, is the Building Distribution Sector’s DNA.

Rooted in its local market, each brand is uniquely positioned to meet the specific needs of each customer and market, backed by their dynamic, expert teams who are a valuable strength and the reason for their success.

The Sector includes the following generalist brands geared to professionals: POINT.P Matériaux de Construction in France, Jewson in the United Kingdom, Raab Karcher in Germany, the Netherlands and Eastern Europe, as well as Optimera in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Specialist brands round out the Sector’s expertise in a wide variety of areas, including plumbing-heating-sanitaryware, timber-panels, interior solutions, roofing, civil engineering, tiles and LBM. Examples include Dahl in the Nordic countries, International Timber in the United Kingdom, SFIC in France and Belgium, and Keramundo in Germany.

Finally, certain brands, such as Lapeyre and Envie de salle de bain in France and Telhanorte in Brazil, also sell to household consumers.

Expert employees

Experts in their brand’s products and market, they harness their know-how and their passion to serve trade professional and private individual customers; so that a customized situation can be found for any situation.

New technologies have come to strengthen the skills of the teams. They also help fine-tune the in-depth knowledge we already have of the customers’ needs, to be able to support them even better at every stage of their journey.

Customized product offer

The Building Distribution Sector’s brands fulfill their customers’ needs by adjusting their product offering to local market specificities.

Attentive to changing trends and new developments, the employees constantly strive to propose a broad and diversified offer while ensuring product availability.

Private labels, developed by the Sector to address customers demanding performance and good value for money, come to complete the total offer.

Life-changing services

The Building Distribution Sector provides its trade and private individuals customers with services and other digital tools that change their lives. Developed by each brand, these allow for more effective project management and make the customer journey easier. In the end, these are all customized solutions… adapted to every customer need.

A few examples: Homly You in France, Marketing Plus in Germany, Leanworks in the Netherlands, Build Aviator in the United Kingdom.

High-performing supply chain

The Sector organizes its logistics with a view to supplying products in as seamless, efficient and environmentally-friendly a way as possible. The aim is to work better with suppliers while improving customer satisfaction, by providing fast access to an ever broader and deeper product offer.

By pooling their distribution centers, the brands further optimize their inventory management and increase product availability.

Automating centers means that thousands of order lines can be processed during the day and shipping times can be shortened to next day delivery, or even within 1 hour in some larger urban areas.

Listening to all our customers 

Understanding and listening to all its customers, be they trade professionals or private individuals, is in the Sector’s DNA. In that sense, facilitating the customer journey is a permanent objective. To do so, the brands imagine and offer a range of products and services adapted to every need, all along the customer journey. 

You are a trade professional or craftsmen in renovation? The brands of the Sector can help you get trained, get informed about new regulations, look for new projects, rapidly do your customer quotes, do special cuttings, have it delivered on site, etc. 

You are a private individual? The brands can help you get inspired, design your project, buy the right products or share your experience on social media.

Homly You, the intermediation between building professionals and individuals

In France, Homly You is an intermediation website connecting qualified building professionals and individuals with projects.



Point. P Matériaux de Construction uprgades its mobile app

POINT.P has launched a new version of its mobile app. Practical and easy to use, it has been redesigned and new functions added.

The brand also offers the « Génération Artisans » app through which craftsmen can use the app’s messaging function to share information, check construction market news or local trainings, hence strengthening the community network of building craftsmen in France.

Jewson account management service

Jewson has responded to customer demand by creating an account management service on its website.

Keramundo’s digital showroom

In Germany, the tiles studio of Keramundo provides customers an unique digital purchasing experience, coombining physical products and digital tools to configure and visualize projects in 3D and augmented reality. 

The Klimacenter in Denmark

This training centre and showroom offer expertise in renewable energies and notably on the heating, sanitaryware and ventilation markets. A similar offer exists in Norway with the “Competence Center”.

Lapeyre and the accessibility market

In France, Lapeyre has been developing its ISA® offering since 2011 for the Independence of Seniors and Accessibility market.

Point. P Matériaux de Construction energy efficiency counters

In France, to help customers understand the details of the 2012 Thermal Regulations applicable to all new construction and renovations, POINT.P Matériaux de Construction has created Expert Energy Efficiency Counters in more than 120 sales across its network.

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