“I PHYZ GOOD” series: Launch of the thermal comfort episode


The fifth episode of the “I PHYZ GOOD” series about thermal comfort has been broadcasted on the String Theory YouTube scientific channel on March 2. The episode shows David Louapre, a research scientist in physics at Saint-Gobain,  explaining  the distinction between temperature and heat flux, and how the materials surrounding us determine our thermal comfort. It was filmed at the Videology film studio in Paris and at the Domolab, Saint-Gobain’s innovation center for sustainable habitat based in Aubervilliers situated on the outskirts of Paris.

The “I PHYZ GOOD” series was created through a partnership between Saint-Gobain and the String Theory YouTube scientific channel to offer an entertaining look at the science of comfort. It shows how physics, chemistry and biology combine to explain how we experience our environment and determine what makes the buildings we live in comfortable (or not). In total, the series will comprise six videos. The first four videos on acoustic comfort, insulation, thermal inertia and natural light were launched on September 22, November 3, December 15, 2016 and January 12, 2017. They are available on Saint-Gobain’s website and on the String Theory YouTube channel. 

The String Theory channel came online in May this year and broadcasts short and entertaining videos of science experiments. The goal is to convey positive values associated with progress, make science accessible to a wider audience and become the leading internet platform on science and innovation. Saint-Gobain teamed up with String Theory at launch to raise awareness of science and technology and attract young people to careers in science and engineering.

David Louapre explique le concept de température ressentie - I Phyz Good #05 - String Theory