Ideas competition


How do we reduce our businesses’ environmental impact? This is the question raised by the Abrasives and Composite Systems BU and put to its employees. In response, they came up with 375 ideas some of which have already been put into practice.

At the last Environment, Health and Safety Day, the Abrasives and Composite Systems BU launched the GREEN IDEA Competition for its employees to promote sustainable development. The aim is to reduce the environmental footprint of its businesses and make a positive contribution to the Group’s goal of achieving net zero carbon by 2050. The operation has been a major success. Highly motivated by this topic, the teams came up with 720 ideas of which 375 have been selected by the countries involved in the competition.

Each has been assessed by a sustainable development and recycling committee. The three projects that will be implemented across Europe, the Middle East and Africa have now been revealed.

  • Italy: Combine reforestation projects with marketing strategies involving customers and earmark a share of the profit for sustainable development projects.
  • Turkey: Replace plastic adhesive tape with paper tape to seal packaging.
  • Germany: Harvest and use rainwater for production and/or to flush toilets.

The 375 long-listed projects have been shared with all countries. This way, each will be able to adopt those that apply to their particular situation and roll them out locally.

Each little bit helps.