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Behind the scenes at the Eiffel Tower (75)
Jun 15 2017 | 9:00am (Europe/Paris)
A world-renowned symbol of France, the Eiffel Tower has attracted more visitors over the past 30 years than over the first century of its existence. Saint-Gobain supplied its skid-resistant glass-tiled floor for the first level of the tower. Located at 57 meters above the ground, the space offers visitors a fabulous view of the city. Sign up from: May 15, 2017.
Shareholder Meeting - Lyon (69)
Jun 19 2017 | 6:00pm (Europe/Paris)
Saint-Gobain has teamed up with Carrefour to organize this shareholder meeting.
Isover Plant in Chemillé (49)
Sep 12 2017 | 10:00am (Europe/Paris)
Saint-Gobain Isover’s plant inaugurated in Chemillé in 2010 produces G3 glass wool from natural and recycled raw materials offering a triple performance, health and environmental guarantee. Built to High Environmental Quality (HQE) guidelines, the plant is exemplary in terms of water, energy and raw material stewardship and waste reduction.
European Research and Studies Center (84)
Oct 09 2017 | 2:30pm (Europe/Paris)
CREE studies and researches a wide range of high-tech products, from refractories used in glass and industrial furnaces to controlled architecture materials for various applications, for example in the energy, environment and housing industries (thermal or mechanical applications, etc.).
Shareholder Meeting - Rennes (35)
Nov 07 2017 | 6:00pm (Europe/Paris)
Saint-Gobain has teamed up with Total to organize this shareholder meeting, to be held at: Château d’Apigné - 35650 Le Rheu, France.
Salon Actionaria Trade Show - Paris (75)
Nov 23 2017 | 1:00pm (Europe/Paris)
Palais des Congrès - Porte Maillot - Paris.
Individual Shareholder Meeting at the Salon Actionaria Trade Show (75)
Nov 24 2017 | 3:00pm (Europe/Paris)
Pierre-André de Chalendar and Guillaume Texier will be pleased to present the Group’s strategy, earnings and priorities and to answer any questions you may have. Please pay attention to the change of schedule: the meeting will be held at 3pm.
Placoplatre Plant in Vaujours (93)
Nov 28 2017 | 9:30am (Europe/Paris)
Almost 70 years on, the Vaujours Placoplatre plant remains the largest gypsum processing plant in the world and France’s leading training center for plasterboard and insulation techniques. Its location in the heart of the Paris region as well as its communication networks enable the plant to serve a unique local market of over 20 million inhabitants in an area of 150 km, with optimized transport solutions. The Vaujours Placoplatre plant delivers plasterboard to 25% of the French market and to 50% of customers in the Greater Paris region.