Innovation to meet customers’ expectations


In France, the Compiègne research and development center is acquiring an Application Lab to design new products and solutions that correspond better to customers’ needs.

Innovation to meet customers’ expectations

Saint-Gobain Research Compiègne, France, one of the Group's eight transversal research and development centers, has inaugurated its Application Lab.

This new space, designed to innovate differently, taps into design thinking and user experience approaches to develop new products, systems and services matching customers’ needs as closely as possible.

The R&D teams are able to implement usage scenarios for various prototypes to gauge, modify and provide solutions to meet automobile and building customers’ expectations. The Application Lab has a built footprint of 1,500 m2 and is based on Saint-Gobain’s Multi-Comfort criteria with, among other things, open-space working areas and group meeting and creativity areas focused on innovation.