Internal Carbon pricing

As a responsible player in the built and living environment, Saint-Gobain is focused on optimizing energy consumption and reducing greenhouse gas emissions both regard to its manufacturing processes and the use of its products.

Saint-Gobain adopted in 2014 an "Energy, Air Emissions and Climate Change" policy that fixes a common framework to improve the energy efficiency of its processes. This mechanism was completed by the implementation of a new internal carbon pricing on January 01, 2016 aimed at accelerating the transition towards low-carbon technologies at the level of the Group's operations.

Internal carbon pricing is a driver to reach the 20,251 CO2 reduction targets fixed by the Group by :

  • assessing the current or potential impact of a regulatory carbon price on the Group's activities, to include it in the risk management strategy;
  • identifying opportunities of growth in low-carbon innovations;
  • redirecting capital expenditure and R&D;
  • managing priority actions for reducing CO2 emissions.

Saint-Gobain has fixed two levels of internal carbon pricing, including one much higher for R&D investments in disruptive technology. 

2010- 2025 target: 20% reduction of CO2 emissions at iso-production for the scope concerned