ISOVER Vario System

The ISOVER Vario system which includes several smart membranes and the accessories creates an airtightness system which helps to regulate the moisture in and out of the construction.

Smart vapor control layers : Vario KM Duplex and Vario XtraSafe 

Comfortable indoor environments in airtight constructions  

When combined with high-performance glass wool insulation and installed using the range of specially developed accessories, the Vario membranes create a perfectly airtight envelope that guarantees the building’s high energy performance and indoor air quality.

Moisture protection 

The Vario membranes adapt to the climatic conditions in order to protect the building fabrics: in winter, these membranes block the moisture generated inside the rooms and prevent it from penetrating into building’s structure. In summer, it allows the moisture to escape outside the building structure. Isover Vario Xtra system (Vario XtraSafe and the accessories), the latest innovation from ISOVER, improves the airtightness installation’s safety, installation comfort and it offers the best moisture management in the most critical climatic condition and most critical construction configuration.