La Samaritaine goes shopping at Saint-Gobain


Placo® and Saint-Gobain PAM Bâtiment have contributed their expertise and solutions for the project to transform and refurbish the former La Samaritaine department store in Paris (France).

La Samaritaine goes shopping at Saint-Gobain

Opened in 1870, the Samaritaine department store is part of Paris’s historical fabric. Closed in 2005 over safety concerns, it has since been refurbished and transformed into a complex with offices, apartments, retail space and a hotel.

Two Saint-Gobain companies contributed to this historic worksite in the heart of Paris. Saint-Gobain PAM Bâtiment supplied almost 60 metric tons – that is around six kilometers – of water evacuation pipes. These products were selected for their reliability and durability. Placo® also contributed to this worksite with its C Stil® solution. This partition system met the project’s requirements for modularity (light weight and quick installation), triple comfort (acoustic, impact resistance ad air quality), and break-in resistance properties.

We will have to wait until 2021, to visit or revisit the 70,000 m2 of this architectural jewel of the Art Nouveau era, as the inauguration has been set back due to the pandemic.

Click here to watch the video presentation of the C Stil® solution and a tour of the La Samaritaine worksite.

Photo Credit: ©UlyssePixel/Shutterstock.