Leanworks logistics solution

LeanWorks, a new concept developed by the Raab Karcher brand in the Netherlands, provides quick and effi cient delivery of building site materials “Just in time, Just in place.”

Integrated logistics management

Building site supply and supply chain integration has been a major issue for several years in the Netherlands. Backed by its relationship of trust with its customers and its national network, Raab Karcher has gained in value added by creating LeanWorks. This solution offers to take complete control of customers’ logistics for a building or renovation project.

The teams are able to be more effi cient as a result of the synergy developed around materials supply. The goods are delivered to the building site in the morning, prior to the workers’ arrival, which means they can begin work without delay. A national logistics manager distributes the various jobs to the project managers, or “logistics managers”, who are responsible for fully tracking each building site.

Did you know ?

Raab Karcher in the Netherlands won the 1st Prize in the Innovation and Building categories at the National Business Success Awards. This recognition underscores the variety of the brand’s solutions and the excellence of the LeanWorks logistics program.