Luc ABALO, Mentor of the Saint-Gobain Team

To aim higher, the Team Saint-Gobain needed a captain and a mentor. Luc Abalo, one of the brightest stars in French handball, was chosen to lead the way.

Luc Abalo

As part of the French team, the recently retired right winger from Ivry-sur-Seine won every possible title: he is a triple European Champion, a triple World Champion, and triple Olympic champion, with medals won in Beijing in 2008, London in 2012, and Tokyo in 2021.

In 289 selections, he scored 859 goals, often defying gravity to achieve such feats. With incredible jumping skills, he demonstrated impressive speed with his left hand and unstoppable inspiration overall. A flying winger with a love of artful moves.

A creative, positive personality with an inspiring career, Luc Abalo will share his experience and achievements, and pass along the values of sportsmanship and performance that have steered him throughout his twenty-one-year career. A long-term “expert”.

Luc Abalo is not only an artist on the handball court; he has demonstrated artistic talent from an early age in several other fields. From painting to photography to video-making to fashion, he tirelessly pursues his creative passions. Saint-Gobain called on his talent to take the individual and group photos of the Team Saint-Gobain.

In an athlete’s career, the Olympic and Paralympic Games are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that drives us to outperform and take on new challenges. To do so,
we must find the inner resources...
Make every effort... Patiently build up a performance that will last...
To make that ambition a reality today and tomorrow, we must always aim higher. Today, supported by all the employees of Saint-Gobain, we must aim higher to measure up to the task, and strive each day to make the world a better home.

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