Want to start your career abroad? Get onboard with V.I.E.!

A springboard to a great career for young entrepreneurial graduates, V.I.E (International Business Volunteers) is a program that enables young Europeans aged 18 to 28 to work abroad for a French company.

A key to professional integration

V.I.E : engaging missions

A 70% hiring rate, empowering missions, a lot of autonomy and the discovery of foreign countries? The International Corporate Volunteering (V.I.E.) has something to appeal to young graduates. Discovery!

Volunteers are aged between 18 and 28, have a strong desire to succeed abroad and have a diploma or degree under their belt. 92% of V.I.E. volunteers already have five years of higher education. Always keen to share their thoughts on the subject, these young professionals describes their experience as "a professional springboard". As the hiring rate at the end of a V.I.E. assignment is almost 70%, according to Business France, it’s a highly sought-after scheme. This "little miracle" has a name: it’s called the V.I.E (International Business Volunteers) program! 

The V.I.E. has allowed me to develop my adaptability and entrepreneurship skills, thanks to incredible responsibilities and autonomy!

V.I.E: engaging missions


Created by the French Law of 14 March 2000, this contract allows graduates who are nationals of the European Economic Area or Monaco up to 28 years of age to carry out a mission on behalf of a French company for a period of 6 to 24 months. Everything is ready on arrival: young graduates benefit from appropriate social security coverage, and sometimes even housing. V.I.E.s receive a fixed allowance plus a variable allowance depending on the country. But what motivates students most is that the V.I.E. offers the opportunity to take on a truly operational mission.






Personal supervision to adapt more easily


"As part of a project to build a factory in Vietnam, I was able to follow the production equipment purchasing process from A to Z," recalls Anthony Castaing, V.I.E. volunteer at Saint-Gobain in the United Kingdom. With five other V.I.E.(1) volunteers he was selected by the jury of the first Saint-Gobain Grand Prix for Young V.I.E. Talents in 2018. 



Throughout his assignment, Anthony Castaing benefited from personal supervision. This tailor-made support, sometimes provided by a Group employee who is himself a former V.I.E., facilitates the integration of young professionals while enabling them to acquire a real corporate culture.


Discover here the 6 winners of the Saint-Gobain's Young TAlents V.I.E. Awards 2020!



Is V.I.E. right for you? To find out, ask yourself these five questions:


  1. Have you worked on a real business project that might interest a future employer?
  2. Are you motivated, self-reliant and adaptable?
  3. Do you already have professional experience, especially abroad?
  4. Are you comfortable with the host language of the country or the one used in the company? 
  5. Is the assignment you hope to do the logical extension of what you have achieved so far?


(1) Diane Maffre, Chiara Spinelli, Thomas Malnoë, Maxime Le Rall, Xavier Gaudin.


Photo credits: © michaeljung/Shutterstock, © loreanto/Shutterstock, © Oyls/Shutterstock, © pixfly/Shutterstock, © Cineberg/Shutterstock



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