Brief 2019

For the 2019 edition of the Multi comfort competition, the participants had to work on a project for the rehabilitation and urban reconnection of the Crescenzago metro station area, in line with the vision developed by the City of Milan as part of the #milano2030 project. This task was chosen in close collaboration with the Municipality of Milan. Aiming for a vision of the future and sustainable development for the region. The project involves the renovation of three existing buildings and the development of a new space including housing, spaces and public services. Among the evaluation criteria, projects must be innovative, sustainable, energy efficient and comply with Mult Comfort criteria.                                             


The evaluation criteria 

    1. 50% Design excellence, functional concept and consideration of the regional context.
    2. 20% Quality and consistency of the proposed construction details in terms of building physics.
    3. 20% Buildings meet Saint-Gobain Multi Comfort criteria and a fire safety strategy. 
    4. 10% Correct use and mention of Saint-Gobain products and solutions.