Roland Matzig, architect and long-time jury member at the Multi Comfort contest

« Saint-Gobain Multi Comfort Student Contest is unique. Not only as it addresses the needs of future challenges to architectural works but also because it leads students to think about the whole procedure.
Only if you are prepared to start with sustainable town planning ideas followed by a smart building design finalized by clever detailing you will be able to create Multi Comfort and build a world that will survive.
This student contest started with a handful enthusiastic people presenting their ideas of Multi Comfort and Passive House design. No big organization, not a lot of costs but a lot of fun and a vision was born.

Year by year the number of participants and also the number of countries did grow. Meanwhile this contest is collecting ideas from all over the planet.
But not only the idea and numbers of students did grow. Also the quality of the work presented is getting more and more sophisticated, complex and just better. 
This situation is the simple proof that we reached our first goal facing much better educated architects and engineers and find a lot more interest in sustainable building design amongst future builders. 
According to the climate agreement during COP 21, we have to be CO2 neutral in 2050. Multi Comfort House has a strong aspect to reach this goal. 
That’s why the best level of Energy efficiency is our next step we have to climb. Future Buildings have to give answers to reduce the CO2 emission down to zero. Counting the whole life cycle.
This will be the basement for all the others Multi Comfort aspects which will create wonderful cities and beautiful buildings for happy people.

This contest might be a threshold to start the rally towards this second goal. We, the jury, are extremely excited what students will offer. Give us a hard time judging. Let`s go!  »

Did you know ?

Took part in several editions of the Multi-Comfort Student Contest as jury member. He is a freelance architect multiple time awarded for his work on Passive House and Sustainability.