Last year, Vahin Parmananda and Mthokozisi Sibisi (University of KwaZulu-Natal South Africa) were the winners of  the 2018 Multi Comfort contest. Their "Solar Creek" community had a big impact on the members of the jury and here is what they have to say about the "life-changing" experience that is the Multi Comfort contest  !                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

“The experience of entering and ultimately winning the Multi Comfort House Student Contest has been a career defining experience for us. [...] the competition helped sharpen our focus and reveal the possibilities in dealing with social and ecological sustainability in a tangible manner. The short intense nature of the contest forced us to push beyond preconceived boundaries, as we looked to produce work worthy of the honor in representing our country on an international stage. We also found solutions and technologies through our research and exposure to Saint-Gobain's products that we continue to use in our research and will continue to implement in our professional careers. At the international stage of the competition we had the chance to meet and compete with our international peers, and were exposed to innovative approaches to the task, broadening our perspective further. The entire experience was a thrilling adventure, filled with stress, far too much coffee, wonderful memories and friendships made.” Vahin Parmananda



“What initially began as a Masters 4th year design project to start out the year, turned out to be an incredible journey that saw us competing on a national and international platform in the 2018 Saint-Gobain Multi Comfort Student Contest. The whole process was a learning curve, designing a project in different climatic conditions to ours was an amazing learning experience. Winning the national contest in Johannesburg boosted our morale in preparing for the international stage in Dubai. The actual win in Dubai was an affirmation of the ideas, research, work and time put in. What I personally took out of this amazing opportunity is more than just the win or the trophy, but a learning experience and exposure that has broadened my perspective to what is possible.” Mthokozisi Sibisi