New ISOVER glass wool: Innovation for all

In March 2017, ISOVER released a new, revolutionary glass wool. This new patented material has a 100% bio-sourced binder. It is soft to touch, easy and light to handle, and easier to cut than ever before. It helps improve the quality of interior air and results in considerable energy savings. Finally, it is a two-in-one solution providing both high acoustic and thermal performance.
Research. Develop. Revolutionize.
To create its new glass wool, ISOVER devoted several years to research and development. The result is a completely unprecedented material signaling a real technological breakthrough in terms of both technical performance, environmental impact and installation comfort. As a result, it provides a perfect solution to the issues of cold, heat and noise encountered by building occupants.

Designed for well-being

With its 100% bio-sourced binder and its composition free of any formaldehyde or phenol, the new ISOVER glass wool helps improve the air quality inside buildings. It is labelled A+, the best rating possible for construction products for interior use.

By acting on the temperature of interior walls, it eradicates the risk of condensation attributable to ambient humidity. A family with two adults and two children can produce up to 12 liters of water a day. If this humidity comes into contact with a cold wall, it risks causing molds that are harmful for occupants’ health as they can lead to allergies, asthma and chronic bronchitis.

Protecting a building means protecting the planet

The new ISOVER glass wool is manufactured using mineral materials – recycled glass accounts for a minimum of 40 percent – and a 100 percent bio-sourced binder. It is infinitely recyclable. But what makes this new wool such an ecological product is the impact of its installation in buildings. When used to insulate the walls and roof of a house, it can reduce carbon emissions from heating by 40 percent, that is 150 metric tons of carbon over the lifespan of a building or the equivalent of one million kilometers travelled by a car.

Comfort for all

The new ISOVER glass wool also improves comfort levels for installers. It is soft, easy to handle and lightweight. These qualities are regularly verified during tests conducted by ISOVER professionals who, several times a month, install 300 square meters of product under actual installation conditions in workshops.

The new ISOVER glass wool benefits everybody: homeowners and professionals. And that is no doubt its greatest quality.


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