Customized plasterboard is all the rage

Saint-Gobain Vietnam teams have developed a new technology to customize plasterboard by adding a logo or a text. This innovation not only offers differentiating products but also strengthen ties between the customer and Saint-Gobain.

These personalized boards are tailor-made at the customer's request.

The possibilities are multiple: you can choose the logo, the text, the color. The idea is really to stick to the client’s customization desires. From a technical point of view, the personalization is carried out via a digital printing system developed by the Saint-Gobain teams in Vietnam.

This technology ensures quality rendering and allows multiple personalization possibilities, including the most complex.

For the moment, customization only concerns ceiling panels, whether they are plaster or fiber cement based. This "made to measure" option is quite expensive but some large customers have already placed orders, won over by the possibility of having a unique and personalized design.