Innovative and comfortable masks

Masks will be radically different by the end of 2020 with the market release of the PRECIMASK. The new-generation mask is transparent, comfortable and has an unlimited lifespan thanks to its ceramic particle filters designed by Saint-Gobain Research Provence, France.

Since the start of the health crisis, masks have been a major concern, the key issues being supply problems, waste and discomfort. In response, two SMEs in southeastern France decided to develop a revolutionary mask that is protective and transparent and has an unlimited lifespan without any loss of effectiveness. They turned to Saint-Gobain Research Provence and its expertise to design the mask’s air filtration system, with ceramic foam disks housed in valves providing the requisite filtration. Bio-compatible and easy-to-clean, they can be adapted according to needs, from Class 1 to FFP3.

All our facial expressions will once again be visible with PRECIMASK, a transparent mask fitted with a removable shield and made of polycarbonate and silicon for optimum sound, easy breathing and ideal protection. The new mask will be particularly useful for medical staff, helping to protect them and improve their communication with patients thanks to its high-level transparency. PRECIMASK will provide users with top-level protection against the virus, as well as against pollution, allergens and pollens.

Crédit photo : PRECIMASK ©DR.

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