Lightweight facades revolutionize the lives of residents and building professionals

A lightweight facade that adapts to architectural requirements, to the comfort of residents and to the environmental ambitions of a building - that's the F4 facade. It’s a small revolution in the construction sector!

Visit the construction site of a future residence for seniors in the heart of Monaco. Here, a 35-year-old building is being renovated and the rear facade is being completely destroyed to give the building more depth. In order not to weigh down the foundations and to respect the undulating shape desired by the architect, a solution was found: the F4 façade, a unique façade system developed by Saint-Gobain.

This lightweight facade has many advantages because it is not just a question of aesthetics. As the largest exposed surface of a building, it is a key element in terms of watertightness, acoustics and also in terms of energy footprint.

It shows great progress for the constructions of tomorrow. Put on your hard hat, we’ll explain how it works!