Low environmental impact mortar adhesive

Designed for laying ceramic tiles and stone, webercol flex éco contains new raw materials sourced from the recovery of industrial by-products to reduce CO2 emissions and the need for natural resources.

webercol flex éco exclusive patented formula uses new raw materials sourced from the recovery of industrial by-products (slag instead of cement, for example) to reduce CO2 emissions and the need to consume raw natural resources. Weber also provides a specific FDES (French environmental and health declaration form) for users to calculate their environmental impact savings. Compared with other mortar adhesives in the same performance class, production of webercol flex éco cuts CO2 emissions by 50%, water consumption by 28% and non-renewable energy use by 27%.

Short distribution circuits

webercol flex éco is also guaranteed manufactured in France which means shorter distribution circuits and so a lower carbon footprint, the use of local resources and greater regional customer intimacy. Another environmental plus: webercol flex éco gives off a very low level of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Plus, improved technical performance

The environmental performance of this flexible mortar adhesive is matched by its technical performance. Rapid spread, low-dust formula and smooth texture make it the market’s easiest adhesive to apply. Its multi-purpose (ceramic tiles, natural stone and marble, limestone and granite on internal and external walls and floors, timber floors, underfloor heating floors, concrete slabs, existing ceramic tiles, floorboards, asphalt screed, etc.) and its compatibility with large-sized ceramic tiles mean it can be used for a vast range of applications.

This low environmental impact mortar adhesive meets the needs of both project managers and project owners creating HQE (French high environmental quality standard), BREEAM and LEED-certified buildings, but also distributors and consumers seeking solutions that help protect the environment.

For more information: www.fr.weber