Our solutions for healthcare facilities

The healthcare sector is undergoing radical change, and we have the solutions to support it. Saint-Gobain Solutions France has published a white paper outlining the Group’s expertise in meeting the specific needs of this market, crucial for us all. 

Des solutions pour les établissements de santé

Healthcare facilities are undergoing a radical transformation: changes in patient care, an ageing population, the development of cutting-edge technologies, the Covid-19 epidemic, etc. All these issues call for changes in how care is delivered, and hence in healthcare structures. At the same time, these buildings must adapt to the challenges of decarbonization, reduced energy consumption and the comfort of patients and healthcare staff alike. 

In response, Saint-Gobain Solutions France has conducted a comprehensive analysis, interviewing customers who are experiencing these changes on a daily basis. This approach has resulted in a white paper, Healthcare establishments: current and future challenges, which covers: 

  • The need for flexible, modular spaces; 
  • Adopting green and “low-carbon” energy; 
  • Improving comfort to optimize patient recovery and provide good working conditions for healthcare professionals.  

Saint-Gobain offers concrete solutions to these key issues, to improve the quality of building design and construction (in terms of heat, acoustics, lighting, air quality and hygiene), as well as the modularity and adaptability of indoor areas. This white paper also addresses solutions for renovation of facilities, to reduce their energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. 

Download the white paper