The French retailer's export department, which was stopped in its tracks by the health crisis, is once again taking to the skies to supply its customers' construction sites abroad.


With the arrival of COVID, POINT.P's export department’s business was considerably slowed just a few months after its launch in September 2019. Today, this brand-new unit is taking off again. It is heading for Côte d’Ivoire, Madagascar, Turkmenistan, Cuba, Egypt, Benin, Senegal and many more countries in the coming weeks.

The company is in fact helping more and more trades professionals, major construction companies and private individuals ensure the success of their international projects. How do they do this? By supplying their sites throughout the world. It was a bold move, launched by POINT.P following the observation that its customers are involved in an increasing number of international projects. However, there was considerable room for improvement in the supply solutions offered by the company. So, to make up for these shortcomings, POINT.P set up a fully-fledged export department.

The team, based in Le Havre (France), not only ships POINT.P. products but can also dispatch any other Saint-Gobain solution, in collaboration with the sales teams of the entities concerned. The aim is to optimize the weight and volume of containers, thus reducing costs and the carbon footprint.

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