Protection measures stimulate creativity

A contactless stand for alcohol hand sanitizer developed by a PUM employee in France for internal use became a best seller in just a few days.

Damien Dal-Pra, Sector Manager for PUM (France) - a brand specializing in the distribution of plastic products and solutions in France - noticed systems on social networks designed for contactless distribution of hand sanitizer. However, these stainless steel models with an infrared detection system are costly and difficult to procure.

The following day, a sanitizer distributor was developed at the Colomiers sales outlet.

Made using wastewater pipes, the system is operated by a pedal, which avoids all hand contact.

The demonstration video has been viewed more than 32,000 times on social networks. Customers (trade professionals, municipalities and leading distribution brands) have also praised this invention and orders have been received for more than 200 units. Victim of its success, PUM has had to wait-list orders as it readies production by its teams.

Congratulations on this excellent innovation!