Realistic brick cladding

In the United Kingdom, Weber has introduced a new imitation brick façade cladding. Co-developed with a British start-up, the Weberwall Brick system is lighter and more flexible, and is also ideally suited to offsite manufacturing construction methods.

Launched on the UK and Irish markets in early January, the Weberwall Brick system is composed of a glass fiber mesh covered by 95% of natural minerals. This combination provides a very realistic brick effect, both visually and to the touch. Compared with traditional materials, the installation time is three times faster on average, resulting in lower labor costs.

The product is also ideal for offsite manufactured construction contractors as it is much lighter and far easier to transport and handle than traditional brick. Available in several colors and textures, Weberwall Brick can be used for either external walls or internal partitions. In the UK, almost 70% of new homes have a brick façade. With this innovation, Weber is extending its product range and strengthening its position in a promising market segment.