Reducing the pollution inside our homes for our well-being

When we think of air pollution, we very often imagine an outdoor cloud of contamination. However, air pollution is also strongly present in our homes where we spend more than 90 % of our time. This is a public health issue that questions the construction of the buildings where we live, work and exchange.

While the quality of our indoor environments has improved over the past 20 years, indoor air pollution remains a major problem. In fact, 65 % of our exposure to outdoor air pollution occurs... indoors!

This situation is mainly explained by the lack of a constant supply of fresh and clean air, combined with the stagnation of pollutants coming from the outside. To fight against this phenomenon, air renewal and filtration of pollution sources are essential to our health and well-being, as is the assurance that the insulation protects the home from pollutants.

That's why Saint-Gobain has developed insulation products that emit few volatile organic compounds and absorb as much formaldehyde (a harmful chemical found in some furniture and draperies) as possible from the air. Insulation, as well as dry coating or membranes with high performance produced by the Group offer a superior seal against pollutants and thus allow us to breathe better.

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