Weber’s innovation accelerator

In France, Saint-Gobain Weber has just launched the Weber Incubator, a new service to help creative trades professionals reinvent their profession.

The principle is a simple one. Customers come up with solution but don’t have the time or the resources to develop it. They contact Weber on the collaborative platform (in French). Weber conducts an in-depth feasibility study through to filing for a patent or even through to a sales & marketing contract. The aim is to make ideas happen.

The first person to use the Weber Incubator is a tile company manager who, after handling fifteen 32 kg buckets of tile cement each day on his knees, came up with an ingenious way of moving them around effortlessly.” A trolley to move the buckets on the work area floor. It's light, modifiable and makes life a lot easier,” says the contractor. This solution ties in with Weber’s “Green & Proud” CSR approach which aims, in particular, to make life easier for trades professionals.

The incubator and the patent department of Saint-Gobain Research Paris have made it possible for the inventor to protect his invention which will soon be distributed in France under the Weber brand. With this new service, Saint-Gobain Weber is reaffirming the importance of customer-focused innovation.

Click to watch the presentation video (in French).