When old windows become eco-friendly insulation

The "glass to wool" method turns old window glass into eco-designed glass wool. The quality remains the same but its environmental footprint is much smaller.

What do you do with your old windows? What if, instead of throwing them away, we turned them into insulation for your home? Here's a concrete example of the benefits of the circular economy in the construction sector: in Denmark, the method called "from glass to wool", developed by Saint-Gobain ISOVER and its local partners, turns window glass into eco-designed glass wool.

This is a way to reduce the waste generated by a building site, but it also reduces the carbon footprint of glass wool. Recycling one ton of glass means saving 210 kilograms of CO2 – without of course affecting the quality of this environmentally friendly insulation.

Here are the three steps to follow: collecting the windows, dismantling them and then turn them into glass wool. From the collection site to the factory, come with us and follow the route of an eco-designed glass wool!