No-waste construction


In Norway, the Optimera brand together with construction, recycling and research companies are working on a new set of standards for building sites. The aim is to achieve zero waste.

The Norwegian research project ConZerW includes Saint-Gobain Optimera, Skanska project development and construction group, Norsk Gjenvinning waste management and recycling company and researchers from the independent foundation for scientific and industrial research SINTEF. Under this ambitious approach to the environment and sustainability by Norway and the European Union’s Green Deal, this project aims to develop all the necessary means to reduce construction site waste. The long-term goal is zero waste on Norwegian building sites.

Waste recycling is a real challenge for the building and environment sector. In 2018, Norway produced 1.82 million metric tons of construction, renovation and demolition waste. This equates to around 60 kg of waste per square meter during construction.

The ConZerW program aims to develop a series of tools to help professionals in each stage of the construction process, from placing orders through to recycling, and including installation, such as material flows and value chain analysis systems. It also hopes to improve collaboration between builders, materials suppliers and recycling services. Finally, ConZerW will take a close look at increasing the rate of materials collected to manufacture new products, especially gypsum.

* Data: Norsk Gjenvinning

Did you know? 

Saint-Gobain Glass France already recycles 75,000 metric tons of cullet a year in its floats from external sources. This equates to the annual emissions from 17,000 private cars. In 2019, we also recycled the glass from around 5,000 windows at end-of-life, thanks to the partnerships signed with six dismantlers (Read the article on Skyline).